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Ichthyosis-AB (American Bulldog Type)


Ichthyosis or Autosomal Recessive Congenital Ichthyosis (ARCI) is a term used to describe a group of noninflammatory inherited skin disorders characterized by scaly or flaking skin. In American bulldogs, symptoms of Ichthyosis can be severe. Sympoms are seen in puppies as old as 1-2 weeks.  Often, a layer of mucus forms on the skin, causing it to become sticky and yellowish in color. Puppies often look dirty and feel sticky or oily.  Affected puppies often develop a puss-like substance around their eyes and ears after about 7 days.  In severe cases, puppies are generally euthanized within the first four weeks of life.

Testing is available that detects a single mutation in the NIPAL4 gene associated with ichthyosis in American Bulldogs.  It is clear that additional causes for ichthyosis exist, so an individual can still develop ichthyosis as a result of an unknown mutation. The exact frequency of the mutation in the American Bulldog population is not clear.  A study of approximately 800 American Bulldogs from North America, Australia, and Europe showed that 34.3% of the study sample were found to be carriers of the mutated NIPAL4 gene.

Acceptable Sample Types:

Animal Genetics accepts buccal swab, blood, and dewclaw samples for testing. Complimentary sample collection kits are available and can be ordered at Canine Test Now.

This Test Is Relevant For the Following Breeds:

  • American Bulldog


Animal Genetics offers DNA testing for Ichthyosis. The genetic test verifies the presence of the Ichthyosis-AB mutation and presents results as one of the following:

Ich/Ich Affected The dog carries two copies of the mutant gene and is homozygous for Ichthyosis-AB. The dog is likely to be affected by Ichthyosis and will always pass a copy of the mutation to its offspring.
n/Ich Carrier Both the normal and mutant copies of the gene were detected. Dog is a carrier for the Ichthyosis-AB mutation and can pass on a copy of the defective gene to its offspring.
n/n Clear Dog tested negative for the Ichthyosis-AB mutation and will not pass on the defective gene to its offspring.