Animal Genetics


New Canine Test

Cocoa/French Bulldog Chocolate
Please see: Cocoa

New Equine Test

New test available for Quarter Horses and related breeds.
Please see: Immune-Mediated Myositis (IMM)

Equine Test

Equine Speed and Distance
Please see: Performance Testing

Equine Fee Schedule (U.S. Dollars)

Color and Pattern Panels Cost Each
Base Color Red Factor + Agouti $40.00
Color Panel RF, Agouti, Cream, Champagne, Dun, Silver, Pearl $95.00
Pattern Panel Tobiano, LWO, Sabino, Splash White, LP, PATN1 $95.00
Full Color and Pattern Color and Pattern Panel Combo $150.00
Appaloosa Pattern LP + PATN1 $40.00
Genetic Disorder Panels Cost Each
Dominant White W3, W5, W10, W13, W19, W20 $25.00
Quarter Horse GBED, HERDA, HYPP, IMM, MH, PSSM1 $95.00
Arabian Horse CA, LFS, OAAM1, SCID $95.00
Arabian Color and Disorder CA, LFS, OAAM1, SCID, Red Factor, Agouti, Gray $125.00
Gypsy Horse FIS + PSSM1 $75.00
Warmblood WFFS1, PSSM1, Red Factor, Agouti $75.00
Friesian Horse Hydrocephalus, Dwarfism $60.00
Performance Testing Cost Each
Gait $95.00
MSTN1 - SNP $95.00
MSTN2 - SINE insertion $95.00

*Combination price is only available when the panel is requested and completed at one time. This price is for the complete panel and tests can not be substituted or changed. Animal Genetics stores all equine samples for at least five years. This allows the individual who submitted the sample to add tests including a panel to any previously submitted sample.